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Pool Therapy

Growing up, Lawrence Hart Jr. shared a passion for pool with his father. When Lawrence Hart Sr. started showing signs of dementia in 2014, Lawrence and his sister Laura decided to place him in a personal care facility, Riverwood Square, where there was also a pool table. “Each time I visited Dad, we would play a few games,” recalls Lawrence Hart Jr.

When Lawrence Hart Sr.’s health continued to decline, his children had to move him to a residence that provided more care. “We contacted several residences, and Actionmarguerite was the first to have a room available for him.”

Lawrence Hart Jr. hoped there would be a pool table at the new residence. “When Dad plays pool, he is engaged and focused on the game. It’s a way for us to interact and have fun together. I spoke with the Actionmarguerite management to see whether they would accept a pool table donation. We really appreciate everyone’s flexibility to accommodate our father.” The pool table helped Lawrence Hart Sr. adjust to his new environment.

Therapeutically, Lawrence Hart Jr. sees a difference. “When I come to see him and can play with him, I reconnect with the man he once was. He is attentive and present. It’s a way for us to share and talk. It brings back childhood memories and I am the happiest man on earth. I can see that it does him a lot of good.”

The intention of Lawrence Hart Jr.’s gift is not just to help his father. “It helps my father with his illness, but the residents and their families can also use it. It makes us happy to know that others can enjoy it, too.”

Lawrence Hart Jr. also wanted to thank the Actionmarguerite employees. “We are very grateful for the care our father receives at Actionmarguerite. There have been many changes for him, but the staff have all made us feel welcome. My father is easy to deal with, and he’s always smiling. I see that as a reflection of the care he receives.”